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Aware of the needs to actively contribute in the improvement of society, the founders of Wings 4 Business are part of the patronage of Alex Foundation, a charity created in 2006, which devotes its efforts to projects related to unprotected children and people with different capacities.

Wings 4 Business represents the initiative, the company, and the world of business, while the foundation is the soul, the spirit, the values, the principles, and what the founders of Wings 4 Business want to give back to society.

The word Alex summarizes 3 concepts, which are the actual engine of this Foundation: Love, Struggle, and Experience.

Love, as a base and reference of all the activities that are carried out. The Foundation would be pointless without this element.

Struggle, which shows the spirit for improvement, taking into account a series of values such as the will to make the necessary and precise efforts in order to achieve the objectives, which the Foundation believes in and dreams about.

Experience, because its founders have been leaders in the field of non-profit organizations in Spain, and they have been developing social actions to benefit several groups throughout the years. Today the Alex Foundation is the tool to make this activity more efficient.

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Alex Foundation and Wings 4 Philanthropy

The benefits created by the Wings 4 Philanthropy business unit are assigned to the Alex Foundation's projects.

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