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Wings 4 Business: effectiveness and success in healthcare.

The team is made up by a group of professionals from many disciplines, whose bond has been the health sector, but they also have a vast experience in other sectors. These highly qualified professionals provide to their customers their vast experienceknowledge, and networking. All this in order to provide the best solutions to each one of the projects or investments efficiently, and in turn, they get involved in each project as if it were theirs.

Since January, 2010, Wings 4 Business has started the development and search for alliances with companies and other entities in different sectors, such as sports, communication, finance, human resources, IT technology, or food.

Gabriel Masfurroll: Versatile businessman with great ideas; this year he started a new professional stage with the creation of Wings 4 Business, after more than twelve years leading USP Hospitals. This economist, with vast experience in health, founded USP Hospitals in 1998, and was the President and Chief Executive of this same company until January, 2010. Masfurroll successfully managed this pioneering project in Spanish health: the creation of a network of private hospitals in Spain, and then around the world. He started his professional career as an economist at the Hospital de Sant Pau, in Barcelona. After receiving his master's degree in Hospital Management at ESADE, he worked at very important Spanish hospitals, such as Puigvert Foundation, Jiménez Díaz Foundation, and the Quirón Clinic of Barcelona. He has also worked for multinational companies in the sector, such as American Medical International (Los Angeles - California, USA), Sanitas (Bupa Group, UK), and Corporation of America Hospital (Nashville, Tennessee - USA).

Sol Jorge: Co-founder of USP, General Finance Manager, and member of the Executive Committee of USP Hospitals (1998 – 2010). She has developed her professional career in health companies, such as CFO of HCA Spain and Portugal, or Sanitas (BUPA Group), the largest British insurance company known in Spain for its shareholder connection to the insurance company Sanitas, where she was CFO at its health centers. She was also the Financial Manager of Servei Andorrà de Salut, together with the specialized health company Gesgrup.

Esther Sultán: Corporate Development Director and member of the Executive Committee of USP Hospitals between 2004 and 2009. She received her degree in Economics and Business Administration at the University of Barcelona. In the past, she held positions with different levels of responsibility at companies such as Caixaholding, where she worked as an analyst between 1998 y 2000; she was an associate at PwC Corporate Finance between 2000 and 2002, and a Director at Financial Partners between 2002 and 2004.

Juan Pedro Calvo: He joined the USP Hospitals' project in 1998 as a founder, General Secretary, and Legal Advice Director, as well as member of the Executive Committee and the Management Councils of the different branches, where he held different positions. He is a Law graduate (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), and an MBA Executive from the European Business School of Madrid. He received his degree in Law at the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid, and he is a member of the Spanish Association of Health Law. He managed the network of Sanitas' Millennium Centers from 1988 until 1996. He was part of the Executive Committee of HCA Spain and Portugal from 1996 until 1998.

Santiago Raventós: Partner and Manager of the IT Department at USP Hospitals (2000 – 2011). IT Adviser, projects on Internet and cloud computing. Specialist in health-related systems. He was a member of the Management Committee since January 2001. Before he worked in Sales and Business, Clínica Quirón, Sema Group, and Instituto Universitario Dexeus, as a programming analyst and person responsible for the IT department. Masters in Software Systems Engineering. Technician Specialized in IT Management.

Our Team

"The Wings 4 Business team has proven its efficiency and good results in different businesses throughout their professional backgrounds. It also has experience in different fields, among which stands out the health sector."

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