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Entrepreneur and Businessman

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Versatile businessman, this year he started a new professional stage with the creation of Wings 4 Business, after more than twelve years leading USP Hospitales. He is considered a pioneer in the creation of private hospital chains in Spain, since 1997, when he created USP Hospitales. He was also Chairman and CEO of this company until 2010.

This economist, with vast experience in health, successfully managed this pioneering project in Spanish health: the creation of a network of private hospitals in Spain, and then around the world. He started his professional career as an economist at the Hospital de Sant Pau, in Barcelona. After receiving his master's degree in Hospital Management at ESADE, he worked at very important Spanish hospitals, such as Puigvert Foundation, Jiménez Díaz Foundation, and the Quirón Clinic of Barcelona. He has also worked for multinational companies of the sector, such as American Medical International (Los Angeles,– California, USA), Sanitas (Bupa Group, UK), and Corporation of America Hospital (Nashville, Tennessee, USA). He was appointed to act as a Member of the Abril Martorell Expert Group on behalf of the Spanish Members of Parliament to draw up “The White Paper on Spanish Healthcare”, and as a Member of the Expert Group on Healthcare of the Catalan Government on 2006 and 2010.

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