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At W4B, we thoroughly analyse those projects meeting the requirements we consider to be of strategic interest.

Furthermore, W4B has identified some key priority sectors in its development strategy, such as the Health or Healthcare industries, although other types of business are not rejected from the start.

W4B has wide-ranging business know-how, and especially privileged information at the national and international levels in the Healthcare industry. Thus, at W4B we constantly explore and analyse investment opportunities that come to our attention, in order to (if the project fits our parameters of interest) get involved as direct or indirect converters, through ad hoc vehicles for each project.

Lastly, we emphasize that our scope is national and international since the team's expertise includes a wide range of countries, such as Spain, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Morocco, Angola or Brazil.

Investment projects analyzed by W4B:

• Agreement with Blackstone Capital to acquire Adeslas hospital network, owned by Criteria. Proposal binding offer.

• Partnership with Blackstone Capital to discuss the project of Ribera Salud.

• Collaboration with Magnum Capital to acquire Teknon Medical Center.

• Agreement with Mercapital to acquire Ribera Salud owned by Bankia Bank and CAM. Proposal binding offer.

• Ongoing negotiations for management and acquisition of other healthcare assets in Spain and internationally.

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