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Organization and Operations.

- Corporate Governance and Organization Models: Implementation of new organization models; Redesign of organization models; Improving efficiency through interdepartmental communication and coordination.
- Rules and Principles of Good Corporate Governance.
- Audits, assessment, and analysis of complexities: economic, organization, and care.
- Map of business and/or managers risks.
- Care record and reorganization of processes: Identification of the main key processes in the company's value chain; Management by processes; Analysis and re-engineering of processes; Clinical Management for hospitals and private clinics.
- Information Management: Design and implementation of balanced scorecards (KPI's) and corporate management control; Preparation of balanced scorecards and management reports; Decision support models (balanced scorecard and key indicators).
- Resources Management: Definition and analysis of human resources needs, professional careers, and incentive models; Competitive Benchmarking.
- Optimization of the purchasing processes: Design and implementation of a unified purchasing policy. Creation of Central Purchasing.
- Analytical Accounting: Analysis of cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit, cost-profit, and cost minimization.
- Sales Policy: Product pricing strategy; Preparation of Value Dossiers focused on products and diseases with an economic angle.
- Quality Management (assessments, models, and certifications).
- Analysis and recommendations regarding licenses and permits.
- Status review of insurance coverage and consultancy.
- Analysis of regulatory compliance regarding Data Protection.
- Interim Management in management contracts. Integration with the company's management team, assuming an executive function with the different agents, mainly focused towards a result, but without losing the global vision.

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