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Business Development.

- Identification, analysis, and consultancy for investment processes.
- Market segment analyses and identification of business opportunities.
- Assessment of companies and products. Development or analysis of Business Plans of health related companies or products/services.
- Project assessment and feasibility analysis.
- National and international expansion plans.
- Corporate Finance.
- Support for the search of public and private financing.
- Identification of Partners for product development.
- Technical Due Diligence of companies and markets (regulatory framework, local and state policies, demand and supply analysis, etc.).
- Divestment and sales processes: Divestment planning; Preparation of prospectuses; Search for investors; Technical consultancy in the process of selling assets.


- Consulting projects analyzed by Wings 4 Business:

- International Assessment to Gerson Lehrman Group.

- Assessment in Middle East to McKinsey and Company.

- Assessment in Middle East to Boston Consulting Group.

- Assessment to Deloitte Healthcare in Spain.

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