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It and Technological Consultancy in healthcare.

Telemedicine and E-health projects.
- Search for opportunities to implement telematic solutions.
- Project planning and follow-up.
- Mediation with infrastructure, hardware, and software providers.
- Design of the necessary interfaces to facilitate the integration of systems.

Systems Integration.
- Unification of heterogeneous systems (HIS, RIS, ERPs) through market standards (HL7) and open source tools.
- Analysis of meeting points in the administration and company areas.
- Design of interfaces that reduce the number of processes and improve the company's operating efficiency.
- Creation of cost calculation systems according to the activity.
- Optimization of process flows through systems integration.

Downsizing to cloud computing projects.
- Search of opportunities for cost reduction through cloud technology.
- Advising for the implementation of cloud solutions.
- Cost calculation and ROI.
- Change planning and follow-up.

Datawarehouse projects.
- Design, development, and implementation of datawarehouse and datamining systems in open source.
- Preparation of full or departmental projects.
- Design of integration processes, ETL, and generation of OLAP cubes.
- Design of balanced scorecards and management reports.
- Implementation of datawarehouse systems in cloud mode.

Advising and implementation of HIS, RIS, or ERP solutions.
- Analysis of requirements and needs.
- Analysis of interfaces with customer's systems.
- Selection of market software solutions.
- Planning and follow-up of implementation projects.
- Advising for the preparation of work flows and optimization of resources during the implementation of the software.
- Continuous follow-up and optimization process after the implementation.

Management of IT Departments.
- Optimization of IT Departments.
- Advising for the management of suppliers and creation of budgets.
- Active participation throughout the business process.
- Search for improvement opportunities through the implementation of IT solutions.
- Promote communication with the hospital's management.

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