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These are some of the examples of the companies where the team has developed its professional career and achieved its existing know-how.

  • American Medical International Inc., Spain & Portugal (creation of the network in Spain)
  • Centro Médico Teknon (feasibility plan for the building of the new hospital)
  • Clínica Quirón (Barcelona) (turnaround)
  • Clínica Zarzuela (Madrid) (model change, from profit center to cost center)
  • Fundación Jiménez-Díaz (Madrid) (turnaround)
  • Fundación Puigvert (Barcelona)
  • Grupo Linet - Winner-Bosserhoff
  • Hospital de Sant Pau (Barcelona)
  • Hospitais Privados de Portugal (management contract)
  • Hospital Corporation of America Spain & Portugal (HCA) (creation of the network in Spain)
  • Hospital Vall d'Hebron (master plan design)
  • Instituto Universitario Dexeus (Barcelona) (management and building of the new hospital)
  • Mutualidad General Deportiva
  • Pangaea Biotech (start up)
  • Sanitas, S.A. de Seguros (BUPA) (management of the network of hospitals)
  • Servei del Govern d'Andorra d'Atenció Sanitaria (merging of the hospitals and building of the new hospital)
  • Spire Healthcare Group (London, UK) (Board of Directors)
  • The Aspen Healthcare (London, UK) (Board of Directors)
  • USP Hospitales (build up from scratch)


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